Why Landmann?


There are many web development firms out there. Choosing the right one for your organization can mean the difference between a website versus a successful website.

Landmann Interactive can deliver the high function and great design you want for your web presence.

The deep expertise you want

  • Eric Landmann is a leader ahead of the curve, always looking ahead at new technologies.
  • We specialize in sites for small-to-medium-sized businesses and can understand your goals.
  • Our staff has over 30 combined years of experience in design, coding, and server management.
  • We have developed sites for over 50 clients, large and small.
  • Our team of experts – developers, designers, writers, translators, strategists – are available to help you plan and create the content for your site.

The flexible functionality you want

  • A website built through Landmann Interactive is good at whatever you want it to be good at – from blog, search, and gallery features to image galleries, online stores, and SEO tools.
  • Your presentation isn’t dictated by technology. You have options for your site’s layout.
  • Images and videos are stored online in one central location – even the ones you’re not using right now on your website.
  • Our CMS has built-in expandability, so it can grow with your company.

The design and control you want

  • You get original designs for your website, not merely templates from a catalog.
  • We create custom templates for your CMS site: banner, layout of content, fonts, sizes, colors, navigation, page structure, and more.
  • You can design your own site, bring in your own designer, or have us design it for you. You have complete creative control.
  • You own the data and images on your site, not us.
  • Add content at your own pace; go live when you’re ready.

The communication and support you want

  • We work with a contract – no surprises.
  • We offer flat fees for the development and design of CMS websites – no hidden costs.
  • Because “easy-to-use” is different for everyone, we teach you how to manage every aspect of your CMS website.
  • The price you pay for a CMS website includes tech support – forever.
  • When you call us, a real person answers the phone, and it’s usually Eric.

The security and standards you need

  • We use open source tools, which makes them transferable in case your developer gets hit by a bus.
  • We keep on top of current web standards to improve search engine optimization.
  • We host your site on our servers with 24-hour firewall protection, site monitoring, and daily backups.
  • Our email services reduce spam to virtually nothing.

For more info, read Eric's four-part blog series How to Select a Content Management System.