Easy-to-Use Content Management System

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It is easy and intuitive to manage your site with our content management system (CMS).

Changes you make are immediately available on the live site, giving you instant feedback. No waiting for the "web guy" to get back to you!

What you can do with a CMS

  • Change page content
  • Upload photos and documents
  • Make links
  • Make pages active
  • Store pages for later use
  • Select templates and style sheets
  • Control search engine information

How It Works

  • The administrator controls the site through an admin area
  • Content is stored in a database
  • Files and images are automatically handled by the system
  • Backups happen automatically
  • Templates and style sheets are created by the developer (that's us) or your designer

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Here is a short features list.
To find out more see the features summary.

Front-End Features

  • Clean, modern design
  • Easily indexed by search engines
  • Testimonials
  • Portfolios
  • Image Galleries
  • Multiple templates and style sheets
  • Contact forms

Back-End Features

  • Secure login area
  • Flexible navigation heirarchy
  • Multiple templates
  • Define users and access privileges
  • Manage portfolios
  • Content editor
  • Tailor search engine content
  • Google Analytics

Still not sure?

Trying to determine if a content management system is right for your site?

Read our blog entry "How to Select a Content Management System".