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Easy-to-Use Admin Area No geeks required!
Organize Your
Images and Video
No worries about multiple versions.
Multiple Templates
and Style Sheets
A variety of templates are included when we create your site.
Advanced Image Galleries Elegant image galleries are beautiful for many types of graphic displays.
Testimonials Add Personality Add, edit and manage testimonials from your customers

Features Summary


You can control your own website  add pages, update content, upload photos  by using a content management system (CMS). We specialize in creating sites that put you in control.

 Easy to Use

  • Control your website through any web browser  No special authoring software needed
  • Intuitive system " just makes sense"
  • Uploaded photos and files are automatically added to library  No resizing or linking
  • Inline editor lets you style content with familiar tools
  • Training is included at no additional cost
  • Tech support is free (really!) and is only a phone call away


  • Not much traffic? Our 2Gb hosting plan costs only $30/month, including 5 e-mail addresses.
  • Pricing is predictable and affordable
  • A fixed monthly fee is all you pay after site is up and running
  • No need to purchase service contracts or "maintenance blocks"
  • No extra charge for secure server
  • Free domain transfer  you pay only the yearly registration fee
  • Contact us for free quotation

 Change It Up

  • Easily turn activate/deactivate or move entire sections
  • Manage navigation heirarchy  change names, add, or rearrange at will
  • Create, edit, and store page content
  • Manage photos, images, and files for inclusion in the site in easy-to-use libraries
  • FTP access is included

 Flexible Site Control

  • Create and manage portfolios that can be attached to any content page
  • Multiple templates can be used, defined sitewide or for each page
  • Define users, access privileges, view user login activity
  • Designers have full access to stylesheets, and can create custom templates
  • HTML-aware editor lets you add your own code (if you're into that)

 Made to Market

  • Built-in Testimonials feature lends credence to your site
  • Tailor SEO content on a sitewide or on a per-page basis to improve "natural" SEO
  • Clean URLs allow site to be indexed in a sensible manner that increase search engine hits are hackable and predictable by users
  • Store page content for later use - great for seasonal or special promotions
  • Setup of Google Analytics account is included


  • Security is not an afterthought  it is built-in at all levels
  • Critical database information is encrypted
  • Databases are backed-up twice daily
  • Sites are checked every three minutes for proper response
  • Admin activity is logged
  • Servers are monitored for intrusion detection
  • Security certificates are available


  • The CMS framework can be extended to add special functionality  tell us about your needs