Integrating jQuery and Lasso

Eric Landmann, lead developer with Landmann InterActive, Madison, WI, will give a technical presentation at the Lasso Developers Conference in Toronto, May 2527, 2012. The topic of the talk will be Integrating jQuery and Lasso Professional.

Items covered will be:

  • What is jQuery?
  • What can we do with it?
  • Basic jQuery usage (syntax and structure)
  • Developing with jQuery (using BBEdit, Eclipse and Firebug to inspect XHR requests)
  • Code Examples

The code examples will cover some common jQuery features and plugins, including:

  • Tooltip (for an admin area)
  • Dropdown navigation menu
  • Lightbox (product display)
  • Drag and Drop (admin area feature of shopping cart)
  • Autolookup of a database table (configuration settings pane)
  • Autocompletion (for search boxes)
  • News scroller

The talk is intended for developers who have not used jQuery or those with only a passing familiarity with jQuery.

Eric Landmann is the lead developer with Landmann InterActive. He has been developing websites since 2001. Specialties include front-end development and Magento ecommerce sites.

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